I'm Ali, and I was born on November 17th 1998. I'm a sophomore and currently major in Computer Science, looking forward to getting my Bachelor's degree and maybe Master's in artificial intelligence afterwards.

I love software and always keep researching in anything software-related. My current projects are object-oriented modular CS programming and cross-platform application development.

The nickname SirHydarnes, is just like any other nickname anyone picks, and I added the "Sir" a few years ago to "Hydarnes" which literally means "The Ripper".

I used to be really overweight and weighed almost 240 pounds till about a year ago and I recently lost 70 pounds, so if you need dietary advice, I can help you with that as well.

I tried to find a job this summer, so that I could be ahead after graduation, but didn't have much luck in getting a steady job, although I did manage to find some projects to do as a freelance programmer, and therefore, I started a small startup with a friend of mine under Realsoft Corporation which is going to be fully operational soon with many projects to come!

You can find out more details about my skill set via my LinkedIn profile.


My contact information

Ali Hassani , Jr (SirHydarnes)

President / CEO at Realsoft Corporation ,LLC.

E-Mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Website : www.sirhydarnes.com

Birthday : 11/17/1998

LinkedIn : hassaniah

GitHub : @SirHydarnes


You can use my phone number to contact me through Google Allo, Telegram and Google Hangouts.