A Simple intro to DSA

Basically I have a very strange and unique taste of things when it comes to my major, and the field I've been most interested in since the age of 4, which is computers and Computer Science. For those who don't know, there's a difference between the two while they are connected. I did enjoy things like programming, solving problems and even for a while working with web services and servers, but Computer Science or CS, is far beyond that. Basically the fundamentals of CS has roots within logic and mathematics, and not much calculus, but rather set theory, matrices, algebra and analysis. I went from doing simple things and tricks to using applications to make movies, animations, video games to programming to more sophisticated programming and then I got into college, studying CS and learning most of it from the beginning and doing it the right way this time.

But the question I keep asking myself is that, which of the many fields in CS interest me more?

The answer is simple, I for now enjoy a great number of the fields I study each semester, but for now, my favorites were none other than Automata Theory and consequently Compilers design.

I've also enjoyed Data Structures and Algorithms since I started studying them. I understand data structures as not just a course in CS, but something that is valuable and useful in life. Nobody that I've seen teach that course at least here teaches it right. 

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Welcome back!

It's been a while since I got a chance to write, and truth be told, I'm in the finals season, which would be the time where I'd have the least amount of time to spend writing. Well, here it is. I've been really busy this past semester with part-time work and my studies that I couldn't even find the time to even learn anything on my own. I was going to start writing Android apps again, which was forgotten sooner than I'd expect. This semester I took "Data Structures & Algorithms", "Data Mining", "Automata Theory & Computation" ,"Introductory Combinatorics", and mathematics. So as you can tell, I had a full plate.

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How I lost 70 pounds!

I don't know if you've read the about page, since I did mention there that I lost over 70 pounds in less than a year.

It all started a year ago, on July 31st 2016, when I signed up at a gym, and when the coach saw me come in and ask for a workout routine, I could see he was about to laugh out loud.

If you'd seen me back then, which I'm guessing some of you did, the idea of me working out would have made you laugh as well. My dad dropped me off, and later said to me that he, quote, "Expected you to call within 20 minutes and ask me to pick you up".

 I remember that day vividly, since it was the day that my life changed completely.

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