Hi. I'm Ali, and I'm a sophomore and currently major in Computer Science, and definitely looking forward to continuing this path towards an M.S or even a PhD.

I love software and always keep researching in anything software-related. My current projects are object-oriented modular CS programming and cross-platform application development.

The nickname SirHydarnes, is just like any other nickname anyone picks, a combination of a name and a prefix :D .

I used to be really overweight and weighed almost 240 pounds till about two years ago and I lost about 90 lbs overall, so if you need dietary advice, I can help you with that as well.

I also work on web development as well, I started a small company to work on some projects and I had some success in the little time I had the summer of 2017. My main objective is for now mainly my studies and research on the side. I managed to make some money during the summer of 2017 besides doing one of the many things that I loved, the way I love.

At the moment, I mostly work on a new startup with a few friends which is going to be up soon.

The fields that interest me most are Algorithms design, Data Structures, Operating Systems and Systems design, Compilers, Computer Networks and Machine Learning. Basically I have a thirst for new things but the main thing that has interested me since I started using computers was modifications and problem solving. Working around problems, making things more automated and easy and adjusting the little details for the bigger picture. For instance I created a smart home that operated using a remote app that communicated through text messages and IR signals and some other tools. All I did was take what I had and automate it using a main app that I made, and had it work with voice commands as well.

I also did a lot of research and some work relating to AOSP(Android Open Source Project) and modifying Android OS and apps, which you can follow up on as well.

You can find out more details about my skill set via my LinkedIn profile.


My contact information

Ali Hassani , Jr (SirHydarnes)

Computer Science Student at Shahid Bahonar University Of Kerman, Kerman, I.R. Iran

Phone Number (VoIP) : +1-774-318-4932

E-Mail (Personal) : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

E-Mail (Work) : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Website (Personal) : www.sirhydarnes.com

Birthday : 11/17/1998

LinkedIn : AliHassaniJr

Twitter, Instagram : @AliHassaniJr

GitHub : @SirHydarnes

XDA-Developers : @SirHydarnes