I am SirHydarnes(which is a nickname), and I was born on November 17th 1998. I'm a freshman and currently major in Computer Science, looking forward to get my degree in 4 years, and of course, have fun doing it as well.

I love software and always keep researching in anything software-related. My current projects are object-oriented modular CS programming and cross-platform application development.

The nickname, is just like any other nickname anyone picks, and I added the "Sir" a few years ago to "Hydarnes" which literally means "The Ripper". No reason, just for fun.

I used to be really overweight and weighed almost 240 pounds till about a year ago and I recently lost 70 pounds, so if you need dietary advice as well, you can come to me!

Also, the website icon, which you see all around you, is the HydLogo.